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Silverline Real Estate fund focuses on development of real estate in the Czech Republic and other developed countries within Europe and North America.

Based on analyses of projects’ margins, we currently focus on three specific types of projects:


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  1. Greenfield development in proximity to expanding cities

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  2. Renovations and significant extension of selected apartment houses

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  3. Development of leisure apartments in prime resorts

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We cooperate with leading architectural studios

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Awards received

Realitní projekt roku 2023: Rezidence Karolinska – cena odborné poroty za Moravskoslezský kraj
Realitní projekt roku 2023: Rezidence Kardinála Berana – cena architektů, odborné poroty a veřejnosti za Plzeňský kraj
CIJ Awards 2023 Top 3 v kategorii Best Asset Management Company of the Year
CIJ Awards 2023 Top 3 v kategorii Best Real Estate Property Fund Manager of the Year

Greenfield development in proximity to growing cities

We search for and invest in land already approved for residential development. While current projects are all in proximity to Prague, we also look out for opportunities in other growing cities in Central Europe.

In Phase 1 of the development, we secure land zoning decisions, building permits, develop utility networks, driveways to secure full readiness of the resulting building plots for construction. In potential phase 2, we construct the family or apartment houses as a turnkey project.

Renovation of apartment houses in regional capital cities with add-on opportunities

Based on analytical rigor & previous experience, we are looking for real estate in centers of major cities in CEE region such that could be significantly expanded by construction of new floors or developments on neighboring building plots.

Purchased assets might be both outdated apartment houses or sub-prime offices and are often mispriced. Typically, we completely renovate the asset and extend original floor space significantly.

Development of leisure apartments in prime resorts

Czech market is seeing consistently strong demand for mountain apartments, especially in prime locations. As the supply of such units is very limited due to lack of suitable land, such developments are scarce which is also reflected in selling price.

We are looking mainly for suitable elderly housing lodges in top locations that will be under our management fully renovated and remodeled into prime-resort apartments, likely with extension of original floor space.