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Project introduction

Complete renovation and extension of an apartment building in the center of Brno, only approx. 10 minutes of walk from Malinovske square, in a rapidly developing district with high concentration of development projects.

Complete renovation and newly-built 1.5 floors will enable to fit in 20 small-scale apartments in the building.

Project is divided into two stages: i) complete renovation of the current apartments, incl. conversion of a non-residential space to residential units ii) extension of the house in the form of new 1.5 floors to expand the future sellable sqm area. Commercial space on the ground floor, which historically served as a pharmacy, will be retained and fully renovated.

Key facts
  • Location: Brno, city center

  • Architect: Idealist

  • Planned completion: 2025

  • Gross development value: EUR 3.5+ mn

  • Result: 20 flats and a commercial space