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Our Mission & Vision

  • We strive to identify development opportunities that deliver maximum returns to investors, while creating positive value for the broader society.

  • Silverline RE is an essential component of Silverline Fund’s overall vision: Becoming a leading international investment group with EUR 500+ mn assets under management diversified into real estate, private equity and venture capital investments.

Fund in

Invest with us
20+ mn EUR
Gross development value of currently running projects
Currently running projects
8.5-13 % p.a.
Expected return in investment stock class B
10 % p.a.
Preferred return in investment stock class A

Value of investment stock class A (CZK)

10 % p.a.
annualized performance since fund foundation 1
7.5 %
performance since fund foundation 1
Fund foundation
January 2022
Q2 22
30. 6. 2022
Q3 22
30. 9. 2022
Q4 22
31. 12. 2022

1. Performance of investment stock class A; simplified expression of annualized yield, precise performance for 2022 corresponds to performance for 9 months as per compounding rules

Why to invest
in residential
real estate


    Developers can realize net margin of up to 15% p.a. in demand-driven markets, providing significantly higher returns than rental properties or other asset classes.


    Developers own mainly building plots/ land (one of most stable asset types) as a collateral pledged against investments, presenting a key advantage over other asset classes. Risks stemming from the development process can be mitigated by rigorous management.


    Residential development solves problems with insufficient housing stock, which is a common local or even society-wide challenge. Few other activities have such a direct and broad impact on society.

Our primary


Silverline Real Estate fund focuses on development of real estate in the Czech Republic and other developed countries within Europe and North America.

Based on analyses of projects’ margins, we currently focus on three specific types of projects:


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  1. Greenfield development close to expanding cities

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  2. Apartment houses with development opportunities

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  3. Leisure apartments in prime resorts

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Quarterly results: Q3 2022

"We are running four projects, two of which in the family houses segment and the other two in the apartment buildings segment. Over Q3 2022, building permits were granted for our apartment house in Ostrava city and for villatown project in Vysoky Ujezd (Prague area). These two projects should be completed and exited by 2023 YE (2024 Q1). Villatown Struharov (Prague area) and apartment building in Pilsen city, both of which launched in 2022, have by now almost completed design and building permit applications will be issued soon..."

More about market development and fund's results for Q3 2022 HERE

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New partners of Silverline

Silverline agreed on cooperation with major institutions of the Czech financial market:

  • CONSEQ: the largest securities trader in the Czech Republic
  • Broker Trust: the largest broker pool with more than 3,000 advisors and EUR 1.5+ bn of clients’ assets under management
  • holver: one of the leading Czech broker pools with 20 years of market history and over 200 active brokers


Greenfield development close to large cities with population inflow

We target land already approved for residential development, primarily in proximity to Prague and other large cities which is suitable for rapid development (2-3 years). In Phase 1 of the development, we ensure land zoning decisions, building permits, develop utility networks, driveways to secure full readiness of the resulting building plots for construction. In potential phase 2, we develop the family or apartment houses as a turnkey project.

Apartment houses in major cities with renovation / add-on opportunities

Based on analytical rigor & previous experience, we will be looking for real estate in centers of major cities in CEE region suitable for development of modern, often smaller-scale residential apartments. Purchased assets might be both outdated apartment houses or sub-prime offices, currently often mispriced, due to low demand resulting from remote/hybrid ways of working.

Leisure apartments in prime resorts

COVID-19 acted as a trigger for regional tourism that led also in the Czech market to strong demand from mountain apartments, especially in prime locations. As the supply of such units is limited, price skyrocketed (reflecting that of prime residential apartments in center of Prague). We will be looking for renovations of elderly housing lodges or even greenfield developments to satisfy the continued high demand.